Let me introduce myself.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello there,
       Thank you for being so patient with me I appreciate everyone that's been with me up until now. Guess what though? I'm back! I've been mia for so long that it made me realize that this is something I really want to do in life. I might not be as good as other bloggers out there but as long as I'm putting out my work and showing the world what I can do, why not? <3. Here are some outfits I put together, I hope you guys like it...If you know me by now I love the simplicity of black it's a neutral color that goes with anything especially that I have this crazy light hair.. might as well put it to use. (Sorry for my nappy hair). By the time I was done running errands my hair was already messy.... Again, Thank you guys so much! If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be where I am now. You guys are my motivation thank you for all your support & I hope you enjoy this! xoxo -Crissy B.

Wardrobe: Top ( Team Spirit Mesh Boxy Crop Top) by: Sway Chic | Crop Top (NIKE PRO CLASSIC) by: Nike | Bottom (LICORICE HAREM PANTS) by: The Black Alley Undies ( Tommy Hilfiger ) by: Macy's | Shoes ( Kelis Black Cleated Sole Platform Heel Shoes ) By: Public Desire 

Photograph by: Ig: Dontaecatlett 

XOXO - ❤ Crissyb