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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crissy B. developed her skills as an artist at a very young age. Utilizing whatever materials she had.
Crissy would use her mother's sewing machine to put them together to create her own garments. She would put on mini fashion shows for her friends & family in the neighborhood!

She began her journey at the young age of seven when she crossed over from the Philippines to the US. With such a huge transition she felt a sense of overwhelmingness adapting to her new lifestyle. It wasn't until the age of 16 when she gained her confidence back and began designing, styling, and picked up a new talent which was web design.

Crissy was all self taught, if you opened up a CCS window she immediately knew what to do with the code. She knew that if she wanted to get somewhere in life you had to work hard for it, because no one was going to hand it to you, and that's what she did. Sitting in her room 24/7 with no social life, connecting and blogging was how she was able to get to the top. Two years later she met Dontae Catlett and they produced a clothing line known as "Flawless Victory" Which would soon become a full line production company. 

Crissy now works as the creative Director for Flawless Victory Productions, making sure that all creative decisions reflect the team in a positive way but also showing their creativity. It's amazing to see how far we've come from when we were just kids doodling in our coloring books.