Wednesday, September 10, 2014

 Oh how I love oversized shirts! It's truly the perfect thing to wear for this humid Bay Area weather.   If you've been following me on instagram or my blog you know that I always mention how much I love anything black and white. Well this has two of my favorite things in one! This Comfy Oversized horizontal Black & White striped V-neck can be styled up in many different ways. However as I headed out for a strenuous day I decided to go with a more casual, but sophisticated look (Pictured below.) I've come across many shirts like this one. But, this particular one that I am wearing is by far the most comfortable! If you're wondering where you can purchase your own at, head over to If you're a small in tops I would definitely recommend you staying true to size and going with the size small.

  Did I mention that this outfit was inspired by kylie jenner? As of right now I would say she's my fashion Icon. I absolutley love her too death! She can honestly pull off any look! What's even more surprising is that she's only 17! Gahhhhhd! I want her closet!!!

  Anyways back to what I was saying...  Seeing that my top is a statement piece on it's own and since Fall is right around the corner I thought, "Hey why not throw on some knee high socks to keep me warm?" I decided to balance out my top with knee high socks, accompanied with some all black cleated platform heels, and my Michael Kors selma hand bag. For my accessories I decided to throw on a choker, Cow Boy hat, Circle framed sun glasses, and a gold cuff bracelet. I hope you guys enjoyed my OOTD and if you have any questions please feel free to ask! :). #backroom

Wardrobe: Top ( Loose The Stripes) by: Backroom | Shoes ( Kelis Black Cleated Sole Platform Heel Shoes ) By: Public Desire