Happy Anniversarry!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Anniversary Backroom! #BKRM2YEAR

Hello there! Do me a favor and go say " Happy 2nd Anniversarry " to Backroom. I am very proud of their hard work and accomplishments this year, and I am glad that I had the chance to be a part of it. Here, I partner up with my boyfriend ( Dontae Catlett)  and a good friend of mine ( Paulina Yos ). These two people mean a lot to me they've been there since the beginning of my fashion journey. They have taught me so much and have motivated me through out the years. I just wanted to say thank you so much<3

This is the perfect time to be wearing my favorite black basic logo sweater from Backroom. I love how comfy it is! I thought it would be nice to pair up with some creme cropped trousers instead since I wear too much black and white lol. I couldn't say no to these Coach Loafers, totally perfect for this kind of outfit. And of course I can't finish an outfit without accessories so here I threw on a hat to compliment the outfit. I hope you guys like it =)

Hat: Urban Outfitters | Sweater: Backroom | Bottom: Zara | Shoes: Coach

Photo by: Dontae Catlett & Nikkolas Pierre

Nikkolaspierre x Mscrisssy #FV4FASHION

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hey guys, Super excited to show you guys what we've been working on for the past few days =). 

Stay tuned! xoxo

Photo by: Dontae Catlett

Comfortable look

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Don't worry guys I'm still here! I told myself that I will keep my blogging a priority so I don't confuse my viewers. I've been away for 2 days and it feels like it's been forever! So, here I am showing you guys an outfit I put together. I hope you guys like it :)

Here, I am wearing this cute wool coat from Zara, It's super comfortable and perfect for the holiday weather. I paired it up with this Mesh Crop Top from Nun Bangkok, I thought this would be the perfect fit for this outfit especially because I paired it up with these mesh pants that are also from Nun Bangkok. Funny because I actually took these photos in Daly City at a random parking lot, If you are familiar with the bay area you know how cold and foggy it gets in the city, well today was one of those days when it was super bipolar and it wasn't cold at all. Anyways, you can't walk out of the house without shoes! I thought pairing it up with platform slip ons from Steve Madden would do the magic. Here is the over all outfit I hope you guys like it! =)

Jacket: Zara | Top: Nun Bangkok | Pants: Nun Bangkok | Shoes: Steve Madden

Photo by: Dontae Catlett

Fall Winter Lookbook 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

 LOOK 1: Jacket: Zara | Top: H&M | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Zooshoo |Bag: Forever21

LOOK 2: Hat: HM | Jacket: HM | Top: Hellzbellz | Bottom: HM | Sunglasses: Hawkers & LA boutique | Bracelet: Shantique Designs | Watches: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Addidas

FILMED & EDITED BY Dontae Catlett

MUSIC › Thrift Works- "Tigers eye pad" 

Shades of Grey

 It's almost the end of the month, which means the holidays are right around the corner. So I hope you all started your shopping. Who else is getting all of their Christmas shopping done on black friday, because I know I am! If I were you, start saving your money now and wait until black friday that way you can save money!

Many of you already know this, but for those of you who don't I am obsessed with black and white! Here I am wearing my favorite Trench Coat from Zara. The material used on this jacket is super lightweight , and comfortable to keep you warm this winter. Inside, I'm wearing my boyfriend's all white button up from H&M. It's very difficult finding a good pair of leather pants, however I'm not a big fan of leather so I thought why not get out of my comfort zone and guess what? It turned out just perfect for this outfit! Usually leather pants are hard to wear only because it gets really sticky on your thighs and there's not enough room to stretch when you're sitting down. Here, I added my favorite white buckle shoes from Zooshoo, I've been obsessing with these for a long time and I finally had the chance to rock them today. Last but not least, I picked out this cute clutch bag from Forever21. It's an older bag that's been sitting around my room so I thought why not put it to use.

Jacket: Zara | Top: H&M | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Zoohoo | Bag: Forever21

Photograph by: Dontae Catlett

Roaming around San Francisco. #FV4FASHION

Spontaneous shopping day! As you can tell from the pictures I was super determined to go buy clothes! There's my friend in the back helping me shop haha. I love taking these candid photos of me running around the city shopping. Let me know what you guys think, what are your suggestions? 

Fashion is the way we express ourselves, through clothing, accessories, shoes, hair, style and more! Fashion plays an enormous role in my life. I use fashion to show others my creative side. Whenever I walk into a store my nerves get to an all time high as I anxiously picture the endless combinations I can style together. The best part about fashion is the satisfaction you get when you see the end result of what you’ve created, in a hope that you can inspire other to do the same!

Here, I am wearing something very simple and comfy for this kind of weather. I was surprised it didn't rain while I was out there because it was super gloomy yesterday. Darn this bipolar city weather! Just in case you're wondering what I'm wearing. Starting from the top all the way down to the bottom. I am wearing my everyday go to hat from H&M, Trench coat from Zara, T-shirt from Bape, Pants from Forever 21, Air maxs' from Nike Town. I hope you guys enjoy! 

Hat: HM | Jacket: Zara | Tees: Bape | Pants: Forever21 | Shoes: Nike Outlet

Photo by: Dontae Catlett

Mscrissy x Nikkolas Pierre #FV4FASHION

Sunday, November 23, 2014

You were created on purpose for a purpose. There is a thirst and hunger in your heart that is real. Pay attention to it. The world is waiting for you to wake up to the person you are called to be. Stop listening to the negative inner conversation that’s causing you to play small. Focus your mind on positive thoughts, possibilities and solutions that can move you forward. Tap into your creativity and determination and stay busy! Stay focused. 

Life is on your side! The challenges that you are going through now are only a test. No test, no testimony! Keep moving! Cry if you must, but keep moving! Pray as if everything depends upon God and work as if everything depends upon you. Keep moving! You were born to be happy, healthy and prosperous. There is a power in you that cannot be denied. Get up and keep moving! #FV4FASHION

Wanna know more about #FV4FASHION? check out my last recent post.

Thank you!

Photoraph by: Dontae Catlett

Hellzbellz Chic

Friday, November 21, 2014

 Yes' Ma'am I did it again! My black and white outfits are back! You can never have enough black and white clothes in your closet, or maybe its just me... Now lets get to it, this outfit was inspired by Vanessa Hong. Vanessa has been one of my biggest influncers in the fashion community for a long time now, she has a very unique style and strong sense in fashion. I look up to her because she's very consistent with her work, and is truly passionate in what she is doing! I strongly believe that people will respect you more when you're getting things done consistently and neat. What more can I say? Oh yeah she's a major hottie!

What about my outfit? Currently I'm torn between basing my style around high fashion or street wear. However it's people like Rihanna, and Kanye West that constantly inspire me to combine the two together, giving me "High end street wear." So I thought adding the "bad girl" tee from HELLZBELLZ would be perfect! The pants from H&M are wide-cut, ankle-length in woven fabric with pleats towards the front, they are super comfortable, and well put together. I thought adding up a pair of white tennis shoes would balance out plus walking around the city all day hurts my feet! This outfit wouldn't be complete without my oversized Blazer from H&M. It's a Fitted, single-breasted blazer in woven fabric. Welt pockets with flap at front, three buttons at cuffs, and vent at back. It is supposed to be fitted but I thought of getting the biggest size possible in women's that way it would compliment by baggy pants. You know I can't end this without mentioning my accessories! I'm wearing my favorite Turkish Silver - Hand Made Slave Cuff Bracelet from Shantique Designs! I'm super obsessed with this piece right now!

 I am also, holding a book from H&M that my store manager ended up giving to me before I left the company. I'm not sure why, but when I asked for it he said to go for it! Ever since then, I started going through the book thinking about what my future holds for me.

Ps: I'm wearing two different sunglasses. I thought both would compliment the outfit.

Hat: HM | Jacket: HM | Top: Hellzbellz | Bottom: HM | Sunglasses: Hawkers & LA boutique | Bracelet: Shantique Designs | Watches: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Addidas

Photo by: Dontae Catlett