Fall trends 2015

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coats :

( Left to Right )

  1. Black Long Sleeve Double Breasted Woolen Coat.
  2. Black Hooded Long Sleeve Pockets Coat.
  3. Grey Hooded Long Sleeve Zipper Loose Coat.

What is fall without a coat? Especially where I am at. With winter just around the corner San Francisco, is starting to feel the holiday vibes. If you are in a cold area like I am. You know the struggle! Looking for the perfect everyday coat in the store  can be difficult! They're pretty pricey, and can never fit right... and that is why Sheinside.com is the perfect destination for you this holiday season. All of their coats are warm, super comfy and at reasonable prices. Don't forget to check them out and warm yourself up this winter season.  

If you're like me and take about 2 hours to get ready because you don't know what to wear. Have no fear, because Sheinside.com has you covered. Have fun you guys! I hope you like what I picked out. 

Dresses :

( Left to Right)

  1. Blue Short Sleeve Body-con Dress
  2. Grey Off the Shoulder Split Knit Dress
  3. Grey Contrast Collar Long Sleeve Pleated Dress

They say dresses are only for special occasions. Well not in my my world! Wearing dresses should be fun, especially, when they make you feel more like a woman. I've picked out these goodies from sheinside.com just to show you a little bit of my taste in dresses. 

First dress

   I just love everything about it from the way it's cut, the texture of the fabric, the bold color and, the perfect fit. Who could say no to this beautiful blue dress especially that I'm dying my hair platinum blonde soon. 

Second dress
   This baddie shoulder split knit dress looks stunning paired with a pair of all black sheik booties or even some industrial combat boots. My favorite feature on this dress has to be the open slits that make their way up from the bottom, and go a little over the knee.  ahhh 

Third dress

  If you wanted to feel like a girly girl for the day this is something I would totally recommend. Just throw on a pair of Oxfords, and you're good to go. Who doesn't love a good girl ;) just teasing. But hey I love everything about this dress from the preppy school girl collar, down to the warm cozy long sleeves. You can also pair this dress up with some high knee boots to show your bad girl side  ;). Just kidding, but ladies you already know the deal shop these goodies at Shopinside.com now before they sold out for a decent price! 

Bottoms :

( Left to Right )
  1. Black High Waist Pleated Skirt
  2. Grey High Waist Pleated Skirt
  3. Black Pleated PU Leather Midi Skirt

I've never been one to wear skirts until recently. I got inspired by one of my kindergarten pictures and saw how cute I looked wearing one. sheinside.com is by far one of the best places to find skirts they have such a vast inventory to select from. Lately I've been going for a more neutral pallet when choosing my clothes lately so blacks, grays, and whites are a huge plus for me. I went with a wool gray extended skirt, all black sheer mini skirt, and a all black leather extended skirt.

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