Hellzbellz Chic

Friday, November 21, 2014

 Yes' Ma'am I did it again! My black and white outfits are back! You can never have enough black and white clothes in your closet, or maybe its just me... Now lets get to it, this outfit was inspired by Vanessa Hong. Vanessa has been one of my biggest influncers in the fashion community for a long time now, she has a very unique style and strong sense in fashion. I look up to her because she's very consistent with her work, and is truly passionate in what she is doing! I strongly believe that people will respect you more when you're getting things done consistently and neat. What more can I say? Oh yeah she's a major hottie!

What about my outfit? Currently I'm torn between basing my style around high fashion or street wear. However it's people like Rihanna, and Kanye West that constantly inspire me to combine the two together, giving me "High end street wear." So I thought adding the "bad girl" tee from HELLZBELLZ would be perfect! The pants from H&M are wide-cut, ankle-length in woven fabric with pleats towards the front, they are super comfortable, and well put together. I thought adding up a pair of white tennis shoes would balance out plus walking around the city all day hurts my feet! This outfit wouldn't be complete without my oversized Blazer from H&M. It's a Fitted, single-breasted blazer in woven fabric. Welt pockets with flap at front, three buttons at cuffs, and vent at back. It is supposed to be fitted but I thought of getting the biggest size possible in women's that way it would compliment by baggy pants. You know I can't end this without mentioning my accessories! I'm wearing my favorite Turkish Silver - Hand Made Slave Cuff Bracelet from Shantique Designs! I'm super obsessed with this piece right now!

 I am also, holding a book from H&M that my store manager ended up giving to me before I left the company. I'm not sure why, but when I asked for it he said to go for it! Ever since then, I started going through the book thinking about what my future holds for me.

Ps: I'm wearing two different sunglasses. I thought both would compliment the outfit.

Hat: HM | Jacket: HM | Top: Hellzbellz | Bottom: HM | Sunglasses: Hawkers & LA boutique | Bracelet: Shantique Designs | Watches: Daniel Wellington | Shoes: Addidas

Photo by: Dontae Catlett