Olive Green

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello! How's everyone doing? I hope all is well, I've been away for some time now so I apologize for that! If you guys are wondering where I was at, I took a short vacation to start off my new year. It was a fun trip and we made so many good memories. Sadly, I came home sick....and I got my boyfriend sick as well too. boo! Anyways, I'm just glad that I'm alive, healthy, and surrounded by the right people this year! I hope it stays the same :)

Yup, Tobi did it again! Thank you so much for sending me all these goodies! :) This is actually my very first faux fur vest. I've been a big fan of fur vests for some time now and wasn't sure if it would look right on me. Luckily, Tobi gave me the chance to own one for myself. Let's take a closer look! I paired it up with a long sleeve overall jumpsuit from H&M. I decided to pair it up with my chelsea boots from missguided. Finally, This outfit wouldn't be complete without any accessories. So here, I picked out these cute sunglasses from Zerouv, It's super simple but it gives it that casual look. Lastly, I'm wearing my favorite hat from H&M. I'm not sure if you guys caught that but I'm not a big fan of beanies unless its necessary. Well here are the complete looks! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week!

Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Zero Uv | Vest: Shoptobi | Overall: H&M | Shoes: Missguided

Photo by: Dontae Catlett