Saturday, February 28, 2015

Great weekend everyone! Im back again showing you some of my casual wear if I were to go out walk around the city, shopping, or just have some drinks with friends. I decided to throw on this pancho that I got from Tobi. Let me tell you, I've been browsing for the perfect match to make this outfit. Thank you Tobi for giving the best service at all times. Lets talk about this pancho. I've never seen a pancho like this ever! I love the arm area on this pancho instead of their being open side slits for your arms there are 2 zippers that function to zip up and down. I'm especially happy that there are functional pockets to put your hands into seeing that the san francisco weather is mostly cold. I decided to throw on this strapless grey dress from Shop Akira. I love how it fits on me and truly enjoy the neutral grey color! It's a super relaxed and breathable dress so that I can go and have fun with my friends! I decided to bring out my favorite amber pop pack from Culture Riot, I really love how it's super fashionable, cute and very classy. It's just about the right size to stuff in my books and snacks :). Who would say no to that? Since it's very cold outside, I decided to wear my high knee boots from Public Desire because these boots are super warm and easy to walk in so I said why not?! Trust me I can literally run on the stairs with these shoes! They are super comfy! 

Well I hope you enjoy reading this! Have a wonderful day<3

Hat: HM | Pancho: Tobi | Dress: Shop Akira | Shoes: Public Desire | Bag: Culture Riot

Photo by: Dontae Catlett