Delta Swimwear Collection! | Summer look

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This whole year I've been waiting for summer to come! San Francisco has the most bipolar weather and there's nothing I can do unless I'm in Los Angeles but that's not very soon!

This is by far one of my most favorite swimwear pieces that I've ever owned. Everything about it just looks so cute! I enjoy every detail on them especially the color scheme. Anything that's black and white I'm with it! Obviously this is something you would wear on a hot day lol. 

I really like that it comes with a bag that I am absolutely obsessing over right now. Anything that's marble is a must have for me. It's so nice to take pictures with especially when doing product shots. I wish I had the chance to take a picture of what's behind the bag but since I couldn't I can just explain it to you guys. This bag is also great for carrying your makeup the bag is see through so you can easily find your lipstick, brushes, etc. Well that's it for now I can't wait to rock this in summer! Stay tuned xoxo