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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hey love welcome back to my blog! 

So jelly that I couldn't make it out to Coachella this year..due to work but that's okay! Hopefully by next year I'll finally get to experience Coachella! Everyone that's out there having the time of their life, Please be safe and enjoy! 

It has been an on and off love/hate relationship with the weather in my area. I missed out on two days this week that I could've been going out but it was pouring rain. However I'm glad I was able to capture this outfit before it started raining. 

Lately I've been focusing more on myself, as you can see I'm slowly transitioning my look to a more feminine and casual look. I thought why not? I love change, I love the feeling of a fresh new start and just going with the flow. If you know me personally. I'm a really laid back girl but when it comes to getting what I want I never stop working even when I reach the destination I still strive for more! Maybe its just me? But I'm glad that I'm strong enough to go through these obstacles in life. I like keeping myself busy and keeping my group small.  

I want to start by saying I'm in love with this two piece dress from Lulu's! What made me fall in love was the small attention to detail they paid when making these garments. You all should know this by now but I'm a sucker for all white! I've always wanted a of midi skirt and this one caught my attention because the bottom opens up with a side slit and it truly brings out the sexiness. Second this strapless white crop top pairs perfect with the dress. It still contains the sexiness by revealing a little bit of skin but not too much! I decided to bring out my extended cardigan from Missguided to give it more taste and that pop of color this outfit needed! Having this lightweight cardigan makes it perfect for those chilly nights.

 Let's take a closer look at my heels, the entire shoe is wrapped around in a faux snake skin print. I love how stylish and comfortable they are, but most importantly how they bring out my legs! I can't finish this outfit without adding accessories so for this look I went for a really simple yet elegant necklace from one of my favorite jewelry companies, Susanna Galanis. I thought this would be the perfect match for this outfit especially that I am wearing a crop top. Lastly, I decided to rock one of my my favorite sunglasses, these particular shades are from Zero UV and are shaped like cat ears. It's perfect for this outfits attire.

Sunglasses: ZeroUV | Two Pieces: Lulu's | Cardigan: Missguided | Shoes: Missguided | Necklace: Susanna Galanis

Ph: Dontae Catlett