Tobi Picks! | Dress neutral for spring/summer

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The neutral way...

Neutral's are the way to go this spring and summer! If you keep up with the trends you should know by now that the opposite of being super colorful this spring/ summer, is to bring out the sexy neutral colors! I've been seeing neutrals all over magazines, blogs, youtube's and even celebrities wear them! 

1. This look is perfect for events such as parties, clubbing, dinner dates, and fashion events. You don't have too add extra make up or even curl your hair. Very subtle wavy beach hair and neutral lip gloss will do the job. (Click here to shop)

2. Hi friend let's go out and catch up. I wouldn't mind walking down the pier to just talk about our busy lives. Yup this is the vibe I felt when seeing this dress. (Click here to shop)

3. Out and about? or Maybe, staying home would be such a great idea to wear an over sized long sleeve just to look extra hot in the house. Even looks good with your hair tied up, Your choice! (Click here to shop)

4. If you want to be a rock star but still look cute at music festivals this is something I would wear for  comfort. I really like the over sized sleeves and the super relax feeling in this dress. Easy to dance it out! (Click here to shop)

5. I'm gonna need some wine all day today but still want to look classy! This is the vibe that I'm getting here. Love everything about this dress you can literally dress it up! Cakey or not you would still look gorgeous! (Click here to shop)

6. Dinner date with my boo! I'm so excited, I hope he's not proposing! It's too early and plus I still have a lot of things in life I want to do before getting married. Yup that's right. This is something I would wear to a dinner date with my boo. (Click here to shop)

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