Friday, June 19, 2015

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Nasty Gal Festival | Mscrisssy


Hey guys, I'm here to show you my huge collaboration with Nasty Gal! If you haven't heard "Nastygal" in the streets then you are missing out! Of course, I'm very familiar with them. I've been a huge fan of their vintage brand since 2006. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them. 

This look was inspired by the many summer festivals this year. So if you're in need of help or inspiration look no further sit back and enjoy this outfit. I've decided to go out and explore my city and found a few spots to go along with this outfit. I was trying to go for a desert feel, very similar to that of the long 5 heading to Coachella. I had such a great time shooting this even though it was like 105 degrees outside. I was really feeling the vibe at all times because I had my music all the way up and was dancing my butt off. It felt like I was really out a festival dancing my heart away.

My outfit was inspired by the cool tones of the sand & desert. When I go out to festivals I love to dress up and keep it classy which is why I decided to wear this long tan maxi dress from Nasty Gal. This dress reminds me of my favorite Disney character Pocahontas. I love how sexy this dress is, and keeps your body feeling nice and cool with the front leg opening. To keep my Bohemian/ Native American style going I decided to pair this dress up with these beautiful heels from Nasty Gal. I know a bunch of you are thinking why would she wear heels to a festival. Well this is true but beauty is pain, and these heels are actually quite comfortable, perfect for day parties, and other festive activities. Finally I decided to accessorize this outfit with Nasty Gals brown leather fringe bag. As much as I wanted to wear a back pack I had to keep in mind that I could only bring what was needed. This beautiful bag was perfect for just that. I was able to add an extra pop of brown  to my outfit, showcase my Boho style, and bring only what was needed! Well this concludes my outfit I hope you enjoyed!

 Collaboration with NASTYGAL
(Only Nasty Gal products are credited on this post. Other items were already tagged on my other blog posts)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New video is up on my youtube channel ft. Tigermirst

Two Piece: Tigermist | Jewelry: Susanna Galanis | Shoes: Lulus | Bag: Culture Riot | Sunglasses: Zero UV


New hair new me! Well the process wasn't fun it took me about 3 weeks to get where it is now. Originally I wanted to have it white/platinum. But since I didn't want to go out and try to spend money on a salon I did it on my own. I'm not a professional but I always try to do everything on my own. Let's just say that my experience with hair salons haven't always been the best. They seem to always find a way to mess up my hair no matter how much I tell them how I want it to be. So I've been doing my own hair since I was in middle school.

It finally feels like summer in the bay area! I've got nothing but love for this weather, and it's finally time to show off some skin! You know me I love going for a minimal look. My first option for this look was to wear my white platform shoes. However these white heels from Lulu's made it 10x even better! It gave me so much more confidence in myself and gave this photo life. If you haven't noticed I'm getting more and more darker, that's because I've been using my Loving tan products. I love everything about it. The process is extremely easy, and makes your skin look so beautiful having people ask you if you  recently went on vacation to Hawaii. As you can see I'm wearing an all white two piece from Tiger mist. I must say that these are by far of my most favorite pieces in to my wardrobe. I really like the details on it from being a long skirt to a backless top. How cute is that? Another jewelry piece from Susanna Galanis!  =) I'm dying so hard right now because I really feel blessed to be able to work with them. They've been so nice to me and have the best jewelry pieces ever! I've decided to wear two of their necklaces and combine it together just to balance it out. I love silver and gold mixed together anyways.. These silver metallic bracelets just got my eyes rolling! If it wasn't for the jewelry this look would be nothing! Of course this heat has me dying but also relaxing that is why I'm wearing my sunglasses from Zero UV for protection and to keep this look more insanely hot! I couldn't go out without a bag and the only bag I could think of to match this look is the one from Culture Riot. I've been carrying this bag non stop everywhere and whatever outfit I wear. It still looks great on me plus it's so easy to just stuff things in. Well this completes my look I hope you guys had a great time reading this!

Two Piece: Tigermist | Jewelry: Susanna Galanis | Shoes: Lulus | Bag: Culture Riot | Sunglasses: Zero UV

Beginning Boutique

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy monday! If you haven't yet please make sure to check out my latest Lookbook video for the brand "Beginning Boutique"

I love this look from head to toe! It's a very simple look to style and just perfect for summer. I'm wearing this flowy dress from beginning boutique. I decided to pair it with these cute black heels from the brand "Privileged" I'm absoluetely in love with these heels not only are they very stylish but also very comfy. I would rock them out everyday that's how comfy they are! Since it's summer I thought this bag would be perfect to carry around especially on those long hot days. I have to make sure I'm able to carry around all of my necessities. Of course I am wearing my sunglasses from Zero UV as usual, nothing beats it because it's with me 24/7! Since it's an all black attire I decided to balance it out by wearing my gray hat from misguided to keep the sun from damaging my skin, and melting my makeup. This completes my outfit I hope you enjoyed!

Shoes:Privileged | Hat: Missguided | Bag: Shopcultureriot | Sunglasses: Zerouv | Dress: Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique Summer Lookbook

Minimal meets summer

Friday, June 12, 2015

Be bold! In order to receive much you must risk much. Do not worry about what your critics say. Most of them wish they were you anyway. Think “bigger.” Be unreasonable! Abandon logic. Forget about being rational! If your dream is unrealistic, go for it! We all know today, anything is possible. Success is a journey of the bold and courageous! You deserve to be successful. You work hard and you know that a big dream requires a big sacrifice. Finish what you start. Completion is success. Confront your doubts as they arise! Doubts are limiting decisions and unconscious beliefs that you formed long ago. Your unconscious mind uses them to keep you safe, but those thoughts no longer serve you. What is your truth today? You have more skill, you have more experience and you have more guts than ever before. That is your truth today. Toss those doubts in the air and smash ‘em over the net! Game. Set. Match.

Top: Beginning Boutique | Swim Top: Delta_Gram | Pants: Nun Bangkok | Shoes: Missguided | Hat: Missguided | Sunglasses: Zero UV

Sponsored by: Beginning Boutique

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Hello Summer! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Before I start I just want to say I apologize for the lag, I've been dealing with some personal issues but now I'm back!

Hello summer! It's time to bring out all the colors in my closet. It's been a quite awhile now...

Today I decided to wear my stripe jumpsuit from The Beginning Boutique. This is perfect for the weather right now. Luckily I was able to play with my jumpsuit by layering some accessories with it. I like that it has a back sleeve in the back which makes it even easier for me on this hot day. To keep it nice and cool I decided to wear my brown hat so that I wouldn't get sunburned. I usually get sunburns easily especially around my nose area and my forehead. So with that said, I kept it cool and fashionable at the same time. If you know me by now I love wearing sunglasses in all of my pictures it's funny because I really can't live without them even when I'm not taking pictures. Once I'm out the house the sunglasses come out right away. For some reason my eyes just got so used to it that when I don't have any sunglasses on it irritates me and I start getting a headache (Which we don't want to happen). Anyways, I'm truly happy how this outfit came out. I hope you did to! See you guys next time.

Jumpsuit: The Beginning Boutique | Hat: Missguided | Bag: Culture Riot | Sunglasses: ZeroUv | Shoes: Tobi

(Lookbook Video Coming Soon!)

Sponsored by: The Beginning Boutique