Minimal meets summer

Friday, June 12, 2015

Be bold! In order to receive much you must risk much. Do not worry about what your critics say. Most of them wish they were you anyway. Think “bigger.” Be unreasonable! Abandon logic. Forget about being rational! If your dream is unrealistic, go for it! We all know today, anything is possible. Success is a journey of the bold and courageous! You deserve to be successful. You work hard and you know that a big dream requires a big sacrifice. Finish what you start. Completion is success. Confront your doubts as they arise! Doubts are limiting decisions and unconscious beliefs that you formed long ago. Your unconscious mind uses them to keep you safe, but those thoughts no longer serve you. What is your truth today? You have more skill, you have more experience and you have more guts than ever before. That is your truth today. Toss those doubts in the air and smash ‘em over the net! Game. Set. Match.

Top: Beginning Boutique | Swim Top: Delta_Gram | Pants: Nun Bangkok | Shoes: Missguided | Hat: Missguided | Sunglasses: Zero UV

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Quote by: Les Brown