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Friday, June 19, 2015


Hey guys, I'm here to show you my huge collaboration with Nasty Gal! If you haven't heard "Nastygal" in the streets then you are missing out! Of course, I'm very familiar with them. I've been a huge fan of their vintage brand since 2006. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them. 

This look was inspired by the many summer festivals this year. So if you're in need of help or inspiration look no further sit back and enjoy this outfit. I've decided to go out and explore my city and found a few spots to go along with this outfit. I was trying to go for a desert feel, very similar to that of the long 5 heading to Coachella. I had such a great time shooting this even though it was like 105 degrees outside. I was really feeling the vibe at all times because I had my music all the way up and was dancing my butt off. It felt like I was really out a festival dancing my heart away.

My outfit was inspired by the cool tones of the sand & desert. When I go out to festivals I love to dress up and keep it classy which is why I decided to wear this long tan maxi dress from Nasty Gal. This dress reminds me of my favorite Disney character Pocahontas. I love how sexy this dress is, and keeps your body feeling nice and cool with the front leg opening. To keep my Bohemian/ Native American style going I decided to pair this dress up with these beautiful heels from Nasty Gal. I know a bunch of you are thinking why would she wear heels to a festival. Well this is true but beauty is pain, and these heels are actually quite comfortable, perfect for day parties, and other festive activities. Finally I decided to accessorize this outfit with Nasty Gals brown leather fringe bag. As much as I wanted to wear a back pack I had to keep in mind that I could only bring what was needed. This beautiful bag was perfect for just that. I was able to add an extra pop of brown  to my outfit, showcase my Boho style, and bring only what was needed! Well this concludes my outfit I hope you enjoyed!

 Collaboration with NASTYGAL
(Only Nasty Gal products are credited on this post. Other items were already tagged on my other blog posts)