Babes and Felines July | Mscrisssy

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I can't believe it's already July, time goes by so fast! I remember enjoying the summer like there was no tomorrow because at the end of summer everyone went back to school.. I remember going to the beach, county fairs, events, clubs, and parties. But now I barely do any of that...Sucks to say but work has to come first. I don't want waste time doing nothing I'd rather achieve my goals now before it's too late. It's ok to see friends sometimes but not all the time. It's a big distraction no offense but I love all my friends<3

Today I decided to balance tones of Black and nude with my outfit from Babes and Felines. I truly love the boutique brand not only do they carry amazing items but the quality on their products is just about right! As you can tell I was enjoying it by flipping my hair back and fourth. Yup that's right! I really love this long sleeve turtle neck it's very comfy and stretchy. You guys know me by now anything that comes with a turtle neck I'm all for it. This skirt is just fantastic! It's very stretchy and easy to work with,  the perfect size for me, and the color is to die for. Well that's it guys the full video is coming on monday stay tuned :)

Top: Babes and Felines | Skirt: Babes and Felines | Shoes: Zooshoo | Sunglasses: Zero UV | Hat: Missguided