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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's been crazy weather in the bay area! It's either really hot, humid, or just really cold. Since I've been running back and forth around the city this week and the weather's about 65 degrees I decided to wear my coat from Tobi to warm me up just incase it gets really cold. In fact inside my coat I am wearing my favorite Crop-top from Babes and Felines. As you know I'm a big fan of turtle necks. I am truly impressed by their boutique brand not only as I mentioned on my last blog post but they truly are the bomb when it comes to having quality material in their pieces. As far as my leggings go, I got them from Forever 21 for $1.50, cheap right? but it definetely comes in handy.

Don't forget my lookbook is about to drop tomorrow, Stau tuned and have a grateful week everyone!

Crop: BabesandFelines | Coat: Tobi | Shoes: Public Desire | Sunglasses: Zero UV | Leggings: Forever 21