Denim Style

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The weekend is coming up and you know what that means no work, and it's time to hang out with some friends! What are your plans? If you ask me, I'm actually going to be of town shooting a wedding for one of our good friends. Don't worry I will still be in touch with you guys and keep you all updated. If you haven't had the chance to follow me on snapchat my username is Mscrisssy, or you can see all my rants on twitter at MscrisssyFV. 

Recently it's been so humid, and cloudy in my area, but I decided I wanted to wash my car anyway. After spending almost two hours cleaning both the inside and out it started to lightly rain. I thought to myself wow, really, I spent all of that time cleaning the entire car for nothing?! After cooling down, I thought to myself "It's not that bad, after all you did do something productive instead of just sitting on your phone trying to beat your high score on Candy Crush! After all, I felt so good knowing that at least.... the inside of my car feels clean and I feel so rejuvenated and fresh! I can finally drive my car without feeling disgusted!

Lets get to the real topic, forget about my ranting.

Here I am wearing KJ-Couture from head-to-toe. Starting with the top, I am wearing an all white back-less body suit. I am completely blown away with this piece because usually when trying on a bodysuit it always seems to be way too tight or too loose but this wasn't the case. Trying on this body suit made me feel like I was Cinderella when prince charming put the glass slipper on her foot. I love the overall fit on this body suit because I don't have the biggest boobs but you can easily adjust the fit by pulling down on the bottom part. The skirt reminds me of the 90's when J-lo used to rock her all denim outfits. This outfit was also inspired by Kylie Jenner the queen of trends as you may say. I am in love with this Denim Skirt from KJ-Couture right now! Not only is this skirt super trendy, but it's comfortable, and I love the attention to detail with all of the small hints of distressing. Now you know I can't finish this blog post without telling you about my lovely accessories. Let's start with my Zero UV sunglasses, I've been a huge fan of them for a long time now! I can't leave the house without these, it makes me feel naked like those times when you leave the house without your phone. Basically what I'm trying to say is that 'THEY HAVE THE CUTEST SUNGLASSES THAT ARE SUPER AFFORDABLE AND FASHIONABLE!". The next accessory I want to talk about is my beautiful Susanna Galanis Necklace. Pictured below you will find a closer look at their pieces. Aren't they to die for?! It suits me well and goes with the outfit! I love how they focus on the littlest details by adding accents of shimmer to their pieces. Before I end this blog  I've been wearing these heels from Lulu's non-stop when going out on all types of occasions. It's super comfy and the details on them are in right now!

Stay tuned... Video will be up soon!

Bodysuit: Kj-Couture | Denim Skirt: Kj-Couture | Necklace: Susanna Galanis | Sunglasses: Zero Uv | Shoes: Lulus