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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you all, what I've been up to lately! I've been traveling and guess what? I have a new hair color!

Let me start off by saying that I've been super busy working...(When am I not working?!) This past weekend I took a trip down to Los Angeles. It was sooooooooo HOT! What was I thinking packing the wrong clothes on a hot day? It was no joke! I was literally melting....Other than being hot and sticky all day, I had a great time shooting/filming a commercial! I'll tell you guys more about it when It's done editing but right now I'll just tell you what I've experienced out there. Im the type of girl who likes to meet new people. The only time I was able to get to know them was through the recording process asking them questions while interviewing them. Their stories are so beautiful and seeing them work is so beautiful! I wish I could've took photos but honestly I picked out the wrong outfit... I was literally dying in the heat. It's either I was wearing an all black outfit or I had a big jacket on! Also, I wanted to show you guys my new hair color! All thanks to @theniksters I can't believe she pulled it together and actually made me a granny! I've been waiting for the day to come and I can't believe it happened. It's crazy because I've been wanting to get my hair done by her since last year lol but she's been so busy and I've been so busy that we kept rescheduling but now I feel like it was just perfect timing! I love this girl so much she's just so beautiful inside and out and super talented! I have so much respect for her as person and her career!

Lets get this started! I've been itching to show you guys my work with Maniére De Voir. I absolutely love their clothing! All of their pieces are so beautiful, and hold a certain level of high quality. Here I am wearing their zip body suit in nude. This piece alone has so many details, I love the half zip in the front and open back, it leaves room for breathability. I decided to layer their leather effect pencil skirt over this beautiful body suit. When it comes to finding the perfect leather skirt it can be extremely difficult. However Maniére De Voir has a pretty good selection on them. Wether you're looking for something a little shorter, or something with different textures they've got you covered. Where do I start with this amazing piece... The fit for my body type is just right, and I have to point out my favorite detail which is the lace details in the front. Now let's talk about my accessories! My heels are from Simmi shoes, these beautiful gems are their Milano laser cut cage heels. If you know me I love wearing heels that have a lot details on them, not only do these heels look amazing but they feel amazing too, they're super comfortable.

Bodysuit: Maniére De Voir | Skirt: Maniére De Voir | Heels: Simmi | Bracelet: Susanna Galanis | Sunglasses: Zero UV | Necklace: The peach box