Maniére De Voir 2 | all tan for the summer | Mscrisssy

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's been so hot in the bay area lately and I can't even deal with this weather right now I've literally been stuck at home all week because of this heat!

 I've been obsessing over this body suit from Maniére De Voir as you can see from my last post. I decided to wear it again to pair it with my snakeskin mini skirt from Maniére De Voir! I can't believe how beautiful this skirt is! I've been looking for the right snake material for a while but this one is just perfect! I love the color (light grey) and the length is just right for my height, it wasn't too long nor too short,  just in time for the summer weather in the bay area! What caught my eye the most were the little details on the skirt. From zippers going down both sides of my hips, one in the back, and two in the front that aren't actual pockets but just for design this piece is quality!

If you're looking for a great high quality pieces, I would suggest you go over to Maniére De Voir. Their pieces are unbelievable and can't even get over how beautiful they are!

Top: Maniére De Voir | Skirt: Maniére De Voir | Heels: Lulus | Watches: Fifth Watches | Sunglasses: Zero Uv