Autumn Season

Monday, November 9, 2015

Im wearing: White co-ordinates (Hot Miami Styles) / Seren zip block ankle boots (Simmi) / Modern slight cat eye sunglasses (Sunglassspot)

I can't believe it's already November, time flies by so fast and you won't even know it! Also i've been M.I.A for the last couple of weeks trying to get myself situated with all this craziness that's happening in my life. From visiting my family in Reno to getting ready for the holidays, buying gifts for everyone and yes I've been hustling! Lol. I'm not gonna lie it felt so good to be away from social media for a little while but of course there wasn't a day I missed thinking doing photoshoots.

Back to the outfit, I'm wearing my two piece co-ordinates from Hot Miami Styles. I love that you're able to play around with these pieces as far as making it look like you're about to hit the club or just a normal casual day. Here I went for a normal day outside taking advantage of this seasons cool breeze, leaves falling, rain, and gloomy sky. Since it's autumn I decided to wear out my Seren zip block ankle boots from Simmi. It's just perfect for this holiday season! These are the first red boots I've ever owned! I actually wore it the whole day just to see how comfortable they were. Guess what I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine my feet didn't hurt at all. Hands down these were the most comfortable boots I've ever owned! Just because it's not a sunny day doesn't mean you're not allowed to wear your favorite sunglasses. To me I believe that accessories are the most important thing! It's kind of like building a set, you're gonna need props to bring everything together. Well here I'm wearing one of my favorite sunglasses from Sunglassspot!

I'll see you guys later!

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