Hello December!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hat: Misguided | Knitwear: Misspap | Coat: Shoptobi | Boots: Hot Miami Styles | Sunglasses: Sunglassspot 

Hi December! I wasn't expecting you to be here so soon and to be so sick on the first week of the month. Luckily...I was able to capture this outfit just before I got sick. Now I'm currently in my bed coughing, sneezing, congested and have the highest fever and so on... Matter of fact, this was probably the reason why I got sick in the first place. Running around Downtown San Francisco half naked hehe, Well not really half naked..my high knee boots from Hot Miami Styles got me feeling warm and sexy! Let's forget about the topic of being sick, at this point I'm sick and there's nothing I can do but deal with it.

Black Friday was MADNESS! I'm talking about longer lines than ever, people throwing themselves to grab tv's, when is all this nonsense going to stop. People were just so rude and ruthless. I was able to experience the craziness inside the mall in San Francisco. Literally the lines from the register were longer than lines at Disneyland! Yup I was basically a zombie that day. Luckily I was able to get out of the mall by 7 pm and treated myself to go watch Hunger Games, which was not a great idea. That's when I started to feel like I was getting really sick...the whole entire movie I was knocked out! I couldn't deal with the chills I was having so I called it a night, went home and went straight to sleep no questions ask!

Even though I had to go through all of that craziness I was glad to have spent thanksgiving with my boyfriends family as usual, and I'm so thankful for all the love and food<3.

Have you ever heard people say "I wish it was summer in the winter time because it's too cold, but in the summer they wish it was winter because it's too hot." Well that's me! It's winter but I still miss summer. Whenever you want it to feel like summer during winter wear something super warm but sexy just like this knitwear dress from Misspap. I am in love once again ladies! This one is a must have all year round even during summer time. I love the contrast between grey and black together! These boots match my soul it's dark but pure and full of love. I love the feel and look of this outfit it's very comfortable, super casual and can be worn year round.

What do you think? lol