Sweater Dress

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Monday

Yes! Winter's finally over and Spring's just around the corner. I can already feel it... Rain, bipolar weather, and everyone's favorite.. allergy season. Now you know I'm just kidding! What I meant was, Long knee boots, oversized sweaters, and Neutral tones! Can I say something? I'm sorry guys, I've been so busy that I had to stop blogging for a while! But I just needed time. Time to reflect and time to take care of myself. I hope you understand, and as a treat I put out two new videos on my YouTube just for you.

Without further ado let's get to the outfit. I've been obsessing over neutral colors A LOT lately, and I realized wearing black all the time just made me look more mad than I really was. And what I mean by that is you know when you have those bad days when you're really craving food and you don't get it. Girls you all know what I'm talking about!

Today I decided to wear this adorable dress from KJ Couture. The best part is that you can style it in different ways. You can layer a coat, or add distressed boyfriend jeans and tuck the bottom in. And for all of my Aesthetic Chic's out there you know how we do it. I kept it simple with these cute lace up heels from Simmi shoes. For the record my Family over at Simmi sent me these for Christmas. If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw my reaction when I opened the package. It was like opening a box of chocolate, that's how I excited I was!! Hehe thanks Sim! Xoxo Oh! I also dyed my hair back to grey. I was getting bored with my blonde hair and wanted to switch things up for the new year.

By the way, I will be posting two videos on my YouTube channel every Monday and Friday! So please if you haven't, head to my channel now to watch my latest videos, and make sure to subscribe! 

To all of my Aesthetic Chic's, Have a great day stay positive and stay beautiful!

Dress: KJ Couture / Heels: Simmi / Sunglasses: Zero UV